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Living Young: 32 Habits of Ageless People


Have you ever wondered why some people age better than others? Your lifestyle can have a huge impact on how well and long you live. Join renowned health and fitness expert Andy Troy, C.S.C.S., as he guides you through this practical, easy-to-follow program, that will both educate and motivate you!

This book contains a fully illustrated exercise program as well as nutritional advice that could add years to your life. But that's just the beginning! You will also discover the revitalizing secrets that meditation and aromatherapy have to offer, as well as how humor, music and owning a pet can will help you look and feel your best. Want to know how much water to drink, which vitamins to take and how much sleep you need? You can find that information here, along with numerous ways to combat the biggest killer of all-STRESS! Others have benefited from this information and are living fuller, healthier lives-so can you!

The Bedroom Workout for Men: Better Sex through Exercise


As seen in “Exercise For Men Only”, “Men’s Exercise”, “Talent In Motion”, and “Best Body” magazines. The Bedroom Workout for Men is an innovative fitness program designed to improve a man’s sexual performance through exercise. It combines flexibility, strength and endurance training to give you that “edge” you’ve been looking for. Have you ever wondered why some men do so well with women? Why do some average-looking guys exude such self-confidence? Join fitness expert Andy Troy, C.S.C.S., as he clues you in to his all-natural, A-to-Z approach, designed to give you that special advantage.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Andy Troy is trained to take a specific physical activity, be it basketball or yardwork, and to figure out what exercises will help you to perform it more safely and effectively. In The Bedroom Workout he treats sex as he would a sport and maps out a no-nonsense game plan designed to help you win.

Personal Training & Consultation Services

Are you a newly certified trainer or would you like to be? Do you have a million questions and who to ask is one of them? I offer consultations by phone nationwide with personal trainers as well as those seeking to enter this lucrative industry.

Or maybe you are looking for a personal training session. Get a personal training session with me, either in my Brooklyn studio or at any location they choose in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan.

Contact me for more details and rates.

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