This Review Originally Appeared in "Exercise for Men Only" written by Laura Anne Rega

"There is a disease more feared than all others. It affects men and women alike, causing every cell in the body to wither and die. It proves fatal in all cases and as yet there is no cure. That disease is called aging." This is an excerpt from Andy Troy's new book, Living Young - 32 Habits of Ageless People - an influential guide that walks you through an optimal workday from start to finish, to help you live better and longer. 

Through years of expertise as a fitness consultant and personal trainer in New York City, Andy pinpoints 32 important aspects of our lives that inevitably affect how we age ... factors char we can definitely control. 

In order to help you fully grasp each point, the fitness guru sprin­kles simple questions throughout each chap­ter to get your mind cranking. A sampling of such questions include the following: 

This guide is intended to help you develop a practical exercise routine that will not only extend the length of your life, but also help you choose a healthy diet that you can live with. Andy also weaves holistic concepts, such as medita­tion and aromatherapy into your daily routine, and explains how proper postw-e, breathing techniques, music and laughter can improve your quality of life.

The author shares his recommendations only after combining significant research and personal experiences to back each one up. The book is creatively crafted into four sections focusing on the most pivotal parts of your day: Before work, the workday, the workout and after the workout. 

The workout section is especially detailed - outlining the keys to a success­ful routine. Andy begins the section by noting the significance of including a warm-up at the beginning of every exer­cise routine in order to help acquire your best results possible. He then proceeds to establish the reasons why strength training is just as important as cardio in any workout - especially since it has added benefits to arthritis sufferers as it helps build bone mass. Steps to design a suitable strength training program are also includ­ed, as well as instructional diagrams of sample exercises for easier application. Andy proceeds to address the factors for proper cardiovascular fitness - defining proper duration, frequency, mode and intensity. 

To log your process, a weekly chart is built-in to the very last page of the book, enabling you to check off areas where you feel you have accom­plished the daily goals that Andy outlines. 

So if you are looking to revamp your day into a better, healthier lifestyle that promotes longevity, this book is for you. Andy Troy definitely did not miss a beat with this one.

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